Wednesday, January 4, 2017

the second phase

hard. i would say. 
when u have to fight within yourself.
when u keep falling below n below with no reason.
one time you are so timid but another time, u feel like falling down hard to the surface.

am currently in the second phase.
feel so mad over nothing. got to keep close with Quran more than ever.
i wish i have someone that understood me that much n kick my butt to get up back.
dont care about me whining what so ever.


i guess, i will hate him/her for that particular moment and going to thankful them later on.

sometimes..just sometimes, i wish to stop thinking hard and go dating anyone instead. just anyone. 
but, i could not bring it up coz i hate making people suffer.

even me, scare of myself. 

i can easily forget people.


i dont suffer much because i love me alot. thus, i forget n move on pretty quick than what it supposed to be 'common sense'


no later than a month.

a month was the longer period i have had with the lingering feeling of 'want n be wanted' by certain someone. then, i move on.

it were always the other person who suffer so much to move on from me. and you know what is the scariest part?

i TOTALLY forgot.

it was as if i never met them.
i even wonder what their name, how they were supposed to look like, what i did back then with them.

no kenangan indah or what so ever.
mimpi lah kalau orang tu nak remind aku what we did sebab aku memang lupa terus.

dasyat kan?


cure me.
love me all you want.
dont get easily hurt because of me.
u will. and i hate seeing it.

and it surely make me want to forget you even more.

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