Wednesday, March 13, 2013

period pain

no one will understand the feeling of having period pain unless they are women. it is so hurtful truth that i really dont wish to make a fuss about it every time the circulation come. but, have to live with the surrounding of boys around u (im taking auto engineering, if u havent notice) really make u frustrated sometimes, u know.. to give such excuses (' i'm having a period pain! cant u consider it?') no..they dont. a male friend of mine even asked once;

'why was it so hurt? it is circulation isnt it? u should atleast master the pain by now'

*rolling eyes*

u have got to be kidding me! seriously guys... shut up, will ya? try to be us once. let see what u gonna say.

Period pain basically is caused by contractions in the uterus. The blood vessels in the muscle wall are compressed by the contractions, which cut off blood supply to the womb, starving it of oxygen and adding to the discomfort.

maksud kata;

period pain ni terjadi apabila terdapat pengecutan di dalam uterus. seolah2 ada orang pegang perut kamu and perah darah untuk keluar. it so DAMN HURTFUL u know!
and women also feel super easily exhausted and walking 5 meters away seem like a punishment what else do the usual routine!

the pain however did not last forever (Alhamdulillah!! ). it usually come for the first 3 days of menstruation. n guys, korang akan tengok peel pelik2 girls that they usually dont show it on their normal days.

1) getting all sensitive
DONT go near girls or do stupid things around them (dont try to crack the usual joke pon) as they..ehem.. we will be easily getting mad and u (for guys of coz) will never understand why. why?? i really have no idea for that. they said it because of the stupid hormone inside who when hell-wire every time menstruation is approaching ( whyyyyyyy they need to be so much tsunami inside our body, i wonder?). but for me, i think we just want to throw away our hurtful feeling and frustrated of not being able to continue do things we need to do. 

so, for husbands or boyfriends, do bear with your women for few days each months, will ya?

2) eat what they usually dont.
there will be no such thing as diet for the first three days. we will crumble for sweet food and chocolates. ice creams and cakes are most welcome.

3) become a polar bear.
sleep. we love sleeping around this time. it is not even a need, it a must. guys, korang pernah derma darah? apa yang korang rasa lepas derma darah? penat? mahu tidur? haa... itulah. itulah yang kami rasa. itulah dia...
(tapi aku, waktu biasa2 pun, polar bear jugak. hoho..) 

4) the C-type sleeping style
selalunya, husband aje yang nampak gaya tidur ni... jadi bila tengok makhluk2 macam kami ni tidur dengan gaya gini, harap maklumlah... n sometimes we do fancy sleeping with our back face upward, maksud mudah, meniarap sambil meletakkan bantal kecik di bawah perut. serius comfort. n kalau korang nmpak girls yang tiba2 selesa mencangkung dari duduk macam manusia normal lain, it is a normal behaviour + really... comfortable. serius!

5) manja
this one..... i dont fancy it, but it seriously happened. setiap kali pun! i hate the feeling, but it will come. kejap nak maki orang, kejap nak manja. kadang2 terlau manja sampai nak maki orang. do u understand what i want to say here? haha... i think, husbands and boyfriends will understand this. and for girls who dont have either, would ask for their friends. (semalam free2 aku membuli seorang kakak untuk bawak aku keluar makan burger king. gahahaha....) and yeah, we usually ask for stupid and unknown things.

for girls: do behave. will ya? sebab lepas dah abes sakit, kompem korang nyosal. gerentinya lah.

for boys: abaikan. pelissssssss............ abaikan.biarkan aje mereka2... ehem2..kami2... ni membebel. we dont usually mean it. just..simply.. gedik? hemm... kot... hahaha... i dont know. ask yours!


we are so fragile in the days of menstruation. so much that sometimes even it circulation, we still cant manage of handling them or master the pain and the exhausted feeling. so, do bear with it. if u cannot understand, just dont add some more. please..........

apapun, aku harap korang paham perasaan wanita di kala ini. all we need just some rest and attention. thats all!  =)


Ara said...

aku period pain first day je.itu pon xde la senggugut sgt, just rasa nak patah pinggang smpai peha. tsk tsk. kene baring je

Anonymous said...

kalo sy rasa nk ngamuk je spanjang hari. kadang2 guling3 badan sebab nk tahan sakit. T.T

kalau jalan muka nampak bkerut pastu masam je muka, mmg tgh dtang bln la. sape kaco sikit je pun rase nk ketuk je. -.-"

-Nad Adila