Thursday, February 21, 2013

vehicle structural analysis and design

 i am currently taking the subject as title.
gehee.. i know, i'm making no sense here. i mean, who am i kidding, right? who in their right mind want to read me babbling about automotive stuff...but... just pretend that the she who is typing this entry is really desperate in thinking of any available entry that would interest her readers. sob3...

what i want to say is... the fourth year subjects of automotive engineering are much more interesting compare with yearsssss before in which i could hardly think in way how they are making any sense to what so called as 'automotive'. hoho... although, i cannot deny that fourth year subjects are much2 more difficult (i mean, who wants to deny it?! but i think it is only me saying because they are automotive subjects right? otherwise, lecturers wouldnt teach us, would they?) 

anyway, i learn this today:

please excuse my writing. ehem2... *blush*

the picture shows the forces that have contacted with vehicle and we are (auto students) learning it because we need to know what forces will vehicle have in decelerating because it will give impact on the structure that is used by the vehicle (err.... is my english gives any sense here?)

when dr. kassim was first looking at the picture he took awhile and babbling to himself:

' i'll try to look at this and tell u how it could make sense'

-_- funny~

but anyway, the picture is showing the forces that will occur on vehicle (a.k.a kheto) when they are striking onto bump. (it will lift a bit) oh yer, here are some facts that might interest u.

- your vehicle will has maximum effect when the tyre is lifting (especially when they are striking onto bump) thus, the amount forces that occur are sooo much related to wheel radius and the height of the lifting.

meaning to say:

kete korang akan terasa henjutan or hentakan lebih kalau tayar kecik and vice versa (kurang terasa kalau tayar besar)
kalau bumper yang dilanggar tinggi atau rendah.

i mean, we do know this, dont we? but the engineers are specially think about the effect first before they produce any products. menarikkan?


takat ni dulu. bye.

do forgive me if i am making no sense here
i just want to think that someone might interested in what i learnt.
do let me think like that for awhile eh?

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